Top Producing Sires and Dams

We have heard about the limited gene pool for Goldens, particularly for Field Goldens. As with many such issues,
this may be ill-posed and the requisite data unobtainable or non-existent. Here we begin to try to understand a
limited part of this question using our database of performance Goldens. Although the total number of registered
Goldens is a bit over 2 million, the percentage that have attained a major AKC  title is only

Since we are doing the work we get to define what we mean by a "performance" Golden. We mean any Golden
with one or more of the following titles: CH, UD or above, All-Age or above, AX or better, AXJ or above, RE or
above, TDX, VST, or MH.  All-Age is not an AKC title but there are very few FC or AFC Goldens.

Our database is based on the Golden Retriever Yearbooks, the GRCA Magazine, AKC Awards magazine, k9data,
Field Trial Retriever News, and the on-line databases of the AKC and OFA . In so far as possible,
"every" Golden
retriever who has attained a major AKC title through July 2015 has been included.

This database contains more than 20,300  Goldens with major titles. Dogs with CH titles constitute 52%. All-Age
Goldens (or better) constitute 7%. 53% are males.

The more than 20,264 Goldens with major titles were produced by 5544 known sires and 10,578 known
In addition, 35 sires and 38 dams are unknown and 339 dogs in the database are ILPs or PALs.

The top 150 sires account for 30% of all Goldens with major titles!
The top 150 dams account for 9% of all Goldens with major titles.
Top Producing Sires who hold Major AKC Titles

Top Producing Sires without Major AKC Titles

Top Producing Dams who hold Major AKC Titles

Top Producing Dams without Major AKC Titles

Top Sires for producing OTCHs

Top Dams for producing OTCHs

Top Sires for producing MACHs

Top Dams for producing MACHs

Top Sires for producing CHs

Top Dams for producing CHs

Top Sires for producing MHs

Top Dams for producing MHs

Top Sires for producing TDXs

Top Dams for producing TDXs

Top Sires for producing FCs

Top Dams for producing FCs

Top Sires for producing AFCs

Top Dams for producing AFCs

Top Sires for producing All-Age Goldens

Top Dams for producing All-Age Goldens

Top Sires for producing UDXs

Top Dams for producing UDXs

Top Sires for producing UDs

Top Dams for producing UDs

Top Sires for producing AXs

Top Dams for producing AXs

Top Sires for producing MXs

Top Dams for producing MXs

Top Sires for producing REs

Top Dams for producing REs

Top Sires for producing RAEs

Top Dams for producing RAEs

Top Sires for producing VSTs

Top Dams for produding VSTs

Top Sires for producing XFs

Top Dams for producing XFs
The top 25 Kennels in terms of producing Goldens with
major titles. Topbrass leads the pack!

This assumes that the Golden's name begins
with the kennel name.
Efficient Producers?

Some of these Goldens were, surely, bred more
often than others. Sadly, the number of breedings
is unknown to us. Thus we can not normalize by the
number of breedings to see which Goldens were the
most efficient producers. Moreover, owners play a
critical role. How would one adjust for that basis?
Top Outstanding Sires for producing OS Sires with Major
AKC Titles

Top Outstanding Dams for producing OD Dams with Major
AKC Titles

Top Sires for producing ADHFs

Top Dams for producing ADHFs

Top Sires for producing DDHFs

Top Dams for producing DDHFs

Top Sires for producing FDHFs

Top Dams for producing FDHFs

Top Sires for producing HTHFs

Top Dams for producing HTHFs

Top Sires for producing ODHFs

Top Dams for producing ODHFs

Top Sires for producing SDHFs

Top Dams for producing SDHFs

Top Sires for producing VCXs

Top Dams for producing VCXs

Top Sires for producing OMs

Top Dams for producing OMs

Top Sires for producing OSs with Major AKC Titles

Top Dams for producing ODs with Major AKC Titles
The following list the most title rich litters (as many as 11
in one litter!)

Litter with the most major titles

Litter with the most CHs

Litter with the most All-Age Goldens

Litter with the most AFCs

Litter with the most FCs

Litter with the most UDs

Litter with the most UDXs

Litter with the most OTCHs

Litter with the most TDXs

Litter with the most VSTs

Litter with the most CTs

Litter with the most REs

Litter with the most RAEs

Litter with the most AXs

Litter with the most MXs

Litter with the most MACHs

Litter with the most MHs

Litter with the most XFs

Litter with the most MXFs

Litter with the most OMs
The following Goldens hold major AKC titles, so do both parents, all grand-parents, all great-grand-parents, all
(Note: None can go back one more generation without having at least one forebearer who lacks a major AKC title).

Goldens with major AKC Titles on all forbearers in each generation
Which Goldens produced the greatest number of offspring who
made the top producers list?

Sires with the most offspring on the Top Producers List

Dams with the most offspring on the Top Producers List
Out of those litters with at least one major title holder:

11,258 litters had only 1 major title holder (56%)
2377 had 2              11 had 9
720 had 3                3 had 9
255 had 4                1 had 11
108 had 5
47 had 6
19 had 7
Repeat Breedings

This looks at successful breedings that produced litters on 2 or more separate occasions and
produced offspring who attained major AKC titles in each breeding. Note that Misty Morn's Sunset
and Faera's Future Classic were each bred to 11 different dams at least twice and each time
produced titled offspring.

Repeat Breedings
The following provides a link to the lifespans of those
OFA Hip classifications are also listed. The code for the
hips is as follows: E - Excellent, G - Good, N - Normal, F -
Fair, NI- Not Listed.

Top Producer Lifespans
The following dams had 6 different breedings of which each one produced at least 1 offspring who attained a
major AKC title. Note: Some may have been a repeat breeding to the same sire.                                          

CH Amberac's 'At A Girl Kindra OD                                                 
CH Asterling's Just Buster Loose CD OD                                        
CH Beckwith's Malagold Starfarm OD                                             
Breakwater Topbrass Roulette OD                                                 
CH Candlewick's Magic Chain CDX JH WCX OD                             
Emberain All Buttered Up CDX JH MX MXJ WC OD                         
CH Krishna's E Z Livin' OD                                                              
CH Meadowpond Teasel CDX OD                                                   
CH Rush Hill's Crime Of Passion OD                                               
CH Summits Mysterious Ways OD SDHF                                         
Sunfire's Rainier Lux OD
Tanbark's Here Comes The Sun OD
CH Thornfield Skylark OD                                                               

The following dams had
7 different breedings of which each one produced at least 1 offspring who attained a
major AKC title. Note: some may have been a repeat breeding to the same sire.

CH Laurell Yats Of Luck OD
Shenandoah Of Stilrovin CD *** OD                                                
Shoreland's Razz Ma Tazz CDX OD  

Litter with the most DDHFs

Litter with the most FDHFs

Litter with the most ODHFs

Litter with the most SDHFs

Litter with the most VCXs

Litter with the most OTCH MACHs